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                Woolwich Township Office of Recycling is announcing the suspension of the Township E-waste Program effective April 1, 2016. The Township will no longer provide curbside collection on a monthly basis. The temporary suspension is mainly due to the increased economic impact placed on the Township from the current E-Waste Law.

                In 2010 a New Jersey E-Waste law was passed banning Covered Electronic Devices or CED’s from the landfills and incinerators within the State of New Jersey. The ban of CED units put the primary responsibility on the electronic manufactures to provide a free and convenient recycling program for the communities in the state. Unfortunately the current bill does not provide financial freedom to the towns as stated in the current bill. A new bill A-4763 was proposed to make various changes to the electronic waste recycling laws in New Jersey. The substitute bill required each manufacturer of CED’s to provide for the free collection, transportation, and recycling of its market share in weight of all covered electronic devices collected in a program year. The existing law mandates the manufactures to provide for a return share in weight as estimated by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. The DEP determination of the manufacturers’ obligations under the current law has underestimated the actual amount collected. This underestimation has caused the current expense the local municipalities have incurred.

                The Assembly bill A-4763 was approved by the Assembly on December 17, 2015 and the Senate version S-2973 was passed January 11, 2016. Unfortunately the Governor chose to pocket veto the bill reverting back to the previous law and all the issues. When new legislation is passed that places the cost where it rightly belongs, Woolwich plans on restarting the program of curbside collection of these items.

                Township residents may contact the product manufacture for recycling instructions, (please refer to the manufactures list attached). You may also contact Best Buy Store in Deptford at 856-374-0404, the Good Will Store in Woodbury Hts. at 856-848-9834 or Magnum Computer Recycling in Pennsauken at 856-333-0991. Please call for recycling instructions and if any fees are charged prior to drop off. Televisions and computers may not go out in the regular trash they are required to be recycled. You may also contact Frank Piliere or Dana Lawson at NJDEP at 609-984-3438 or the Governor’s Office at 609-292-6000 for more details and explanations.  Click HERE for a list of Manufacturers.



Master Plan

TAKE NOTICE that the Woolwich Township Joint Land Use Board shall hold

a public meeting and hearing on Thursday, May 19, 2016 at the Woolwich Township Municipal Building, 120 Village Green Drive, Woolwich Township, New Jersey beginning at 7:00 p.m.

             The purpose of the public hearing is to consider revisions to the Master Plan, including revisions to the Transfer Development Plan Elements of Woolwich Township.  This re-examination will include the following:

                         1. A Master Plan Re-Examination

                        2. Update to the Transfer of Development Rights Plan Elements

 Including, but not limited to the following sections:

                        Executive Summary

                        TDR Plan             

                        Land Use Element          

                        Public Spaces Plan

                        Zoning Regulation & Design Standards

                        Stormwater Management Plan

                        Circulation Plan

                        Real Estate Market Analysis

                                       CLICK LINKS BELOW

(Not all files are available on the website due to size. Copies of the entire Draft MP are available at the Office of the Township Clerk)

MP Cover                                                 TDR Plan

Executive Summary                                  TOC

Land Use Plan                                           Woolwich MP

Circulation Plan                                        Public Spaces Plan

REMA                                                       Z & D Part A

Stormwater Management                           Z & D Part B


 Transfer of Development Rights Program

Revised TDR Ordinance - Updated 2/8/2016

TDR Auction Outreach

TDR Aution Outreach Letter 2

TDR Credit Auction Procedure

TDR Credit Bid Form

TDR Deed of Easement - Update 2/6/2016

Farmland Preservation Easement Values

Purchase Agreement

TDR Question and Answer

Map-Sending Area and Preserved Land

January 26th Information Session Video

February 17th Information Session Video

***March 29th TDR Credit Bid Results***



 PUBLIC NOTICEPlease be advised that it has been brought to our attention that web sites have been created using the name of “Woolwich Township” and may include pictures of public property and the Official Seal of the Township.  You should be aware these sites are not official sites, and the Township of Woolwich and its elected officials are not responsible for the content of unofficial sites and do not necessarily endorse any factual statements or opinions which may appear there. If you have any questions, please contact Jane DiBella, Administrator/Clerk at 856-467-2666 x3101.

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Woolwich Township is honored to have been chosen to take possession of a 4,000 lb. steel beam from the World Trade Center. We plan to place it here at the municipal building in a memorial garden. We will be picking Read More
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