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Police Department

The Woolwich Township Police Department is located at: 120 Village Green Drive, Woolwich Township, NJ 08085.  Normal administrative operation hours are Monday thru Friday, 8:30AM to 4:30PM.

If you have an EMERGENCY DIAL 911

If you a Police NON-EMERGENCY DIAL  (856) 589-0911

For all other Police inquiries you may contact the Police Department directly by dialing (856) 467-1667. See the "Police Personnel and Contact Information" page for further guidance.

Police reports and other applications can be picked up at the Police Department during normal administrative operation hours only. For the best service contact the Records Department at (856) 467-1667 ext. 1126 before visiting. Varying fees will apply. See the "Records Department Services and Fees" for further information.


Prescription Drop Off Service

Due to a drastic increase in the abuse of household pharmaceuticals, law enforcement is recommending swifter removal of unused medications from households, and a higher level of vigilance on safeguarding drugs from abuse. The Woolwich Township Police Department has been collecting pharmaceutical prescriptions and other medications since 2010. A large drop box is located in the PD lobby at the Municipal Complex located at 120 Village Green Drive. The drop box allows anonymous drop-offs of unwanted and/or expired medications even when officers are out of the road and unavailable. Drop-offs are permitted during normal business hours. The PD does not sort through the prescription drugs as a mandate to protect drop off identity. Materials collected are properly disposed of by the DEA at the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office. In a given year, over 100 lbs of Rx's are disposed of, but much more can, and should be collected.

Traditionally, residents in New Jersey and elsewhere had been encouraged to flush drugs, but negative environmental impacts to waterways and sensitive receptors have been identified.  Scientific studies have shown that pharmaceuticals – including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones - are commonly found in trace amounts in drinking water supplies. In rare cases, occurring in senior communities, disposal through municipal systems has led to theft of drugs from the trash with intent to sell them illegally.



Covanta Energy Rx4Safety Program


Dispose My Meds



New Jersey Drunk Driving and Drug Use Statistics
A map was recently developed for NJ residents that showcases the locations where drunk driving accidents occur, along with statistics regarding ratio of accidents per gender, age, time of day, and even identifying the counties with the most accidents. The map also includes drug use information. The Woolwich PD feels this is important information for our residents.
Access this information at www.staysobernj.com 

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