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Tax Assessor FAQ

Tax Assessor (9 Entries)

1. Can the Tax Assessor and I settle my appeal before the hearing?

We will attempt to resolve discrepancies by stipulation if ethically possible. A settlement stipulation completed sufficiently in advance of a scheduled hearing will serve to avoid an unnecessary appearance before the County Tax Board. However, if the assessment is defensible in our opinion, we will provide you with the evidence that supports our position.

2. I disagree with my property assessment and would like to have it reviewed.

Due to the volume of assessment related questions this office receives, please schedule an appointment with the Tax Assessor . We are able to assist you more efficiently if you make an appointment by calling 856-307-6445.

3. I agree with the land assessment but I disagree with the building assessment. Can I appeal one but not the other?

Land and building assessments cannot be appealed separately.

4. Can I appeal my property tax bill?

A tax appeal is not an appeal of your tax bill. The amount of taxes you pay is never an issue during an appeal because neither the Tax Assessor nor County Tax Board has control over budgets submitted by municipalities, schools, counties or fire districts.

5. Can I file my tax appeal form with the Tax Assessor's Office?

No. The municipality cannot accept tax appeals. Your appeal form should be filed with the [county] County Tax Board or Tax Court as the case may be

6. What is the deadline to file a tax appeal?

The filing deadline is April 1st of the tax year in question. �Filed� means that the appeal form must be received on or before April 1st. Date of mailing is not used in determining whether an appeal is timely.

7. I am appealing my assessment and want to establish my case by using comparable assessments. Is this acceptable?

No. Comparable assessments are not acceptable evidence of the value of your property. You should submit at least three recent comparable sales of other properties of a similar type in the same neighborhood.

8. I have not applied for a certificate of occupancy but I received an assessment notice.

Assessments cannot be avoided by delaying issuance of a certificate of occupancy. If the building is substantially complete it is subject to assessment.

9. I am appealing my assessment and I feel that I should not have to pay my taxes until my appeal is heard and resolved.

Payment of first quarter taxes and other municipal charges (e.g., water, sewer, etc.) is a prerequisite to the appeal process. Your appeal will not be accepted unless taxes and other municipal charges are paid.

Last Tax Assessor FAQ Update: November 19, 2005.